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Working with David has been a fantastic experience. Not only has he improved my manuscript as a whole, his encouragement and direct approach has developed me as an author too, highlighting traits in my writing that I didn’t know that I had.

His feedback has made me look again at what I have written. Helped me to find better words, have the confidence to add more when required and delete passages that are not. The entire process has opened my eyes and enabled me to make my work the best it can be.

I had expected the edit to be more than just correction of errors because I’d read his testimonials beforehand. But I did not expect to be wanting to improve it further after the process ended. I have taken what David has taught me and found a self-critical eye that I didn’t have before and now I have a piece of work I am very proud of.

To summarise, the experience has been fundamental to my future works. I have already started implementing what I have learnt in book three and every time I put pen to paper from now on I will have his words with me. I hold David in very high esteem. He has joined a very exclusive club indeed.

Becky Perkins

David Wailing was very professional to work with. He was really helpful with everything! I would not hesitate to work with him again and I would highly recommend him!

Mathilde Gram

When I decided to engage David Wailing as my editor I was very keen to gain his opinion on issues of structure, plot and characterisation but I fondly imagined that most of my text would come back pretty much as it started. I envisaged a few typos identified, maybe the odd spelling mistake here and there, that sort of thing. That’s why it was a bit of a shock to see every page littered with tracked changes and I had to decide what I thought about this. Should I stick with what I could consider my inimitable style and reject these changes, or should I have a good look at my writing and try to see it from another’s eyes? Fortunately I decided on the latter course of action and now I think my novel, The Butterfly Effect, will be a lot easier to read once it is published.

David was equally effective where plot was concerned and I had more decisions to take. Was the ending really unsatisfactory? Did the suspense build up effectively right to the climax, only for the whole thing to be resolved far too quickly and easily? Well, yes, that was true too, although I hadn’t seen it myself, and there followed an intense and sometimes painful process in which I suggested a number of alternative endings only for each to fall short. It is to David’s credit that he didn’t give up and advise me to go with the least worst of these options, but continued to encourage me to find an ending that would be worthy of the rest of the book. And I found it, eventually, and I think it will have made the novel so much more satisfactory from the reader’s point of view.

I would have no hesitation in recommending David Wailing, and I hope to work with him again.

Julie McLaren
Project: The Butterfly Effect

For my English books, I always use David Wailing’s services. David is quick and reliable, and he is pleasant to work with.

Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen
Project: The Woman Behind The Curtain

I liken David Wailing’s editing skills to a superhero movie. At the turning point of the second act, when the writer is sat traumatised in front of his laptop, losing the will to live, with subplots in a mess and character consistency shot to pieces, in swoops David. Somehow he picks up all the random bits and pieces and offers clear, practical and enlightened suggestions as to how it can all be glued back together again, but in a far more coherent and polished condition than it started.

I submitted my second book to David for a proof read, naively thinking I’d finished. How wrong I was! Looking back, I can’t believe that I nearly didn’t spend the extra cash on an essential line edit. It is the best investment in my work I’ve ever made.

Working alone, it’s easy to get lost in the abyss of the idea. So what every writer needs is a fellow writer with specialist editing and proof reading skills to highlight story problems, someone they trust to act as a sounding board, someone who will also bring practical advice for solutions consistent with the original story, someone who can expertly correct grammatical and ‘writers eye’ errors.

The person I trust with my writing is David Wailing. I’ll be using his editorial and proof reading services for all my future creative projects.

Mark Green
Project: The Curse of the Lonesome Mariner (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Storywork Editing Services really helped me in the publishing of my first e-novel.

David’s affable nature made me feel I had made the right choice with him editing my novel, 30 B4 30?. He delivered when he said he would, edited and ‘tidied up’ my novel whilst keeping it true to my voice. He also gave me some advice on narrative conventions I had not been aware of. His experience in the e-publishing field means he imparted many gems of wisdom that helped me get my book out there and get noticed.

I would definitely use Storywork again.
Kelly Harrison
Project: 30 B4 30?

I’ve just finished working with David on my latest book and I was very impressed. Having seen some of the other projects he’s been involved in I knew he was going to be good, very good, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Attention to detail is a pre-requisite for a proof reader and line editor and David has this in abundance. Add to that, a flair for problem solving and creativity and you’ve got exactly the right mix for a successful editor.
I feel like my book has been polished to a gleaming finish which has given me huge confidence to publishing it.
I will be back.

David Haynes
Project: A Gathering of Ghosts

Are you nervous about the editorial process? Well there’s no need to be.  My first novel Maybe, Misery was my baby, as it is with so many authors, but David assured me the process would be stress free. He kept his promise and then some. Quick, efficient and an excellent problem solver, I can’t recommend him enough. David’s eye for the tiniest of details is almost superhuman, picking up on things I never even considered. To summarize, get him bloody* booked now!

*Consider cutting the word ‘bloody’.

C.S. Bailey
Project: Maybe, Misery

David Wailing provided a speedy, professional line edit for my novel Road to Rebellion. But my measure of a good line editor includes: Are they willing to discuss the author’s concerns about certain editing conventions? Do they provide suggestions for improving the overall manuscript? Where there are areas of doubt, do they just go ahead and make changes or draw your attention to it by making recommendations? On all these areas David came up trumps, and I will certainly use his services again and would highly recommend it.

George Hamilton
Project: Road to Rebellion

David Wailing. A man. A hard man. A jaw like granite and a face like thunder. He’ll rip through your work like a knife through butter, tearing out your soul and scattering your words asunder in his never ending fight against bad grammar…


Matthew Drzymała
Project: The Bumpkinton Tales: The Bachelor

David provided a timely editing service for my final draft, as well as correcting errors he provided useful suggestions for improvement. I will be using his services again!

Michael Brookes
Project: Sun Dragon

I have worked with David from Storywork Editing Services and found the experience to be first rate. The work was done to a high standard and enhanced my book and storyline. The work was so good that I’ve contracted for work on a further five books, that tells you how good it was.

I would not hesitate to recommend David and I am grateful for all the help and assistance that I received.

A.K. Michaels
Project: Defenders Blood - Alex's Destiny

I have to say that David has been very easy to work with. His attention to detail is excellent and his critique very educational. I can easily see what I have been doing wrong, and can correct it. He also gave a lot of helpful advice.

The service gets a five star rating from this happy customer.

Nav Logan
Project: Maerlin's Storm