Storywork offers a range of editorial services. If you require something that is not listed here, ask about it using the Contact form.

Editorial services

There are two types of editorial work available.


A proofread is a thorough review of your text that aims to correct mistakes and improve readability. A proofread will address:

  • spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • typos
  • formatting errors
  • plot/topic continuity
  • standardisation for names, dates, times and other conventions
  • consistent usage of character names and places.

A proofread is usually done on the final draft of your text, just before it is published.

Line edit:

Also known as copy-editing, this incorporates a proofread as well as a more detailed analysis of your text to make it more effective. This includes:

  • suggesting alternative words/phrases
  • suggesting structural changes
  • checking for factual accuracy
  • feedback on theme and tone of voice.

A line edit may be done on any version of your text, from first draft to already published.

In all cases, the aim is not to rewrite or change your style, but to highlight areas for improvement and offer alternatives while retaining your ‘voice’.

Other services

Storywork also offers these related services.

Blurb/summary writing:

Sometimes, it’s harder to write the blurb for a book than the book itself! The same applies to summaries of corporate material – getting across key points using the bare minimum of words. This service provides you with concise blurbs and taglines that you can use to market your material.

eBook formatting:

Your text can be produced in a variety of formats suitable for publishing as an eBook. This includes mobi files for Amazon Kindle, ePub files for other e-readers (including Apple iPad and Kobo), and PDF files for all tablets and smartphones.

Every project is different. Rather than list standard prices, you’ll be given an affordable quote based on your requirements and the word count of your material.


In some cases, a free sample of edited work can be provided to demonstrate a service.


There is a minimum cost of £50 per project, regardless of word count.


Timescales and deadlines will be agreed, but please note there may be a backlog of work for existing clients.


If you are working on a project that could benefit from editorial help, get in touch using the Contact form.