Storywork Editing Services is the editing business of David Wailing.

Hello! I am a print, website and digital content editor with two decades of experience. I have worked  in the private, public and charity sectors, primarily editing content for a broad audience.

I am also an independent fiction author, and have produced a range of novels, novellas and short stories in multiple genres. I am self-published on the Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Nook eBook platforms.

I love working with other writers! I’m especially keen to help my fellow indie authors produce high-quality work. In this vein, I serve as editor for the Off the KUF short fiction anthologies and have worked with many talented writers.

I am an associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and abide by their Code of Practice.

If you have any questions, drop me a line using the Contact form.

Here’s what some of Storywork’s clients say:

I liken David Wailing’s editing skills to a superhero movie. At the turning point of the second act, when the writer is sat traumatised in front of his laptop, losing the will to live, with subplots in a mess and character consistency shot to pieces, in swoops David. Somehow he picks up all the random bits and pieces and offers clear, practical and enlightened suggestions as to how it can all be glued back together again, but in a far more coherent and polished condition than it started.

I submitted my second book to David for a proof read, naively thinking I’d finished. How wrong I was! Looking back, I can’t believe that I nearly didn’t spend the extra cash on an essential line edit. It is the best investment in my work I’ve ever made.

Working alone, it’s easy to get lost in the abyss of the idea. So what every writer needs is a fellow writer with specialist editing and proof reading skills to highlight story problems, someone they trust to act as a sounding board, someone who will also bring practical advice for solutions consistent with the original story, someone who can expertly correct grammatical and ‘writers eye’ errors.

The person I trust with my writing is David Wailing. I’ll be using his editorial and proof reading services for all my future creative projects.

Mark Green
Project: The Curse of the Lonesome Mariner (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

I’ve just finished working with David on my latest book and I was very impressed. Having seen some of the other projects he’s been involved in I knew he was going to be good, very good, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Attention to detail is a pre-requisite for a proof reader and line editor and David has this in abundance. Add to that, a flair for problem solving and creativity and you’ve got exactly the right mix for a successful editor.
I feel like my book has been polished to a gleaming finish which has given me huge confidence to publishing it.
I will be back.

David Haynes
Project: A Gathering of Ghosts