Storywork Editing Services is the editing business of David Wailing.

Hello! I am a print, website and digital content editor with two decades of experience. I have worked  in the private, public and charity sectors, primarily editing content for a broad audience.

I am also an independent fiction author, and have produced a range of novels, novellas and short stories in multiple genres. I am self-published on the Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Nook eBook platforms.

I love working with other writers! I’m especially keen to help my fellow indie authors produce high-quality work. In this vein, I serve as editor for the Off the KUF short fiction anthologies and have worked with many talented writers.

I am an associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and abide by their Code of Practice.

If you have any questions, drop me a line using the Contact form.

Here’s what some of Storywork’s clients say:

I have worked with David from Storywork Editing Services and found the experience to be first rate. The work was done to a high standard and enhanced my book and storyline. The work was so good that I’ve contracted for work on a further five books, that tells you how good it was.

I would not hesitate to recommend David and I am grateful for all the help and assistance that I received.

A.K. Michaels
Project: Defenders Blood - Alex's Destiny

Working with David has been a fantastic experience. Not only has he improved my manuscript as a whole, his encouragement and direct approach has developed me as an author too, highlighting traits in my writing that I didn’t know that I had.

His feedback has made me look again at what I have written. Helped me to find better words, have the confidence to add more when required and delete passages that are not. The entire process has opened my eyes and enabled me to make my work the best it can be.

I had expected the edit to be more than just correction of errors because I’d read his testimonials beforehand. But I did not expect to be wanting to improve it further after the process ended. I have taken what David has taught me and found a self-critical eye that I didn’t have before and now I have a piece of work I am very proud of.

To summarise, the experience has been fundamental to my future works. I have already started implementing what I have learnt in book three and every time I put pen to paper from now on I will have his words with me. I hold David in very high esteem. He has joined a very exclusive club indeed.

Becky Perkins